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Three Things

This is one of the simplest practices I implore clients to under- take in their own individual journeys of freedom, healing, and growth. While simple, it carries the potential to change everything about how you think, act, and feel. And what is this simple, yet profound task? Be intentionally thankful every day. This is not just having an attitude of thankfulness or a heart of thankfulness. Those are important, but this is actively thinking and speaking about what you are thankful for. Why three things? Well, my brain always learns and remembers things in triads, and this is just how I did it on my own journey. In my experience, the three things also helped cement the habit and foster self-accountability. I wouldn’t let myself just speak one or two, but I also would not pour out a long list of things, thinking it would give me a pass for a few days. Habit came with repetition, and repetition helped strengthen those strong positive neural pathways. I noticed this helped me in all aspects of my healing from a life of negativity and limiting beliefs. What are you thankful for today? Name three things and contemplate why you are thankful for them. Think outside the box. As a matter of fact, burn any box you find yourself in. See with your soul and all five senses, not just your eyes. There are things to be thankful for everywhere. (excerpt from the book, We Are All Fireflies).

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