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Reclaiming Your Present- COMING SOON

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Using The M.A.N.I. Method to learn to eliminate chaos, improve focus, and experience complete healing as you assess and adjust your 4 core systems. Being able to be fully present in your moments are key to experiencing joy, peace, and purpose in your life. The systems we will work through are your: Vision - Building a positive framework around how I see the world, how I feel the world sees me, and how I see myself in the world. Voice - learning to master my internal narrative so that it becomes my greatest ally in my daily life, rather than my enemy. Velocity - Discovering the power of now, and how letting my thoughts, feelings, or actions drag me back into my past or forward into my future can rob me of joy, peace, and focus on what is important in my life. Value - Being authentic about how I truly feel about myself, and learning to lean into the truths rooted in the core value of who I really am.

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