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Redeeming Your Past- coming soon

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Utilizing the M.A.N.I. Method, this self-paced course will help you understand the true core of trauma and past pain (and how it affects our current life) - it is less about "what" was experienced and much more about the "story" we wrote/believed about those experiences. Whether it is a huge trauma event in your life, or seemingly harmless experiences, life can get that internal narrative we carry around in our heads off track. This course will help you awaken to the unconscious part of your mind, where our unwelcome and avoided past memories reside. We will learn how many of our life and relationship struggles are created or exacerbated by the inner beliefs we carry around about ourselves - much of which goes undetected in our conscious thought. We will learn the 5 narrative components that often point to unprocessed trauma: * Time travel language * terminal talk * reality clashes * fear avoidance * shame identity We will discuss how the limiting beliefs developed in these hacked narratives hold us in bondage and keep us in self-repeating loops. We will also discuss the work it takes to reconnect to your true core belief system and to develop an action plan for freedom.

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